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As an affiliate marketing partner of Masters 'O' Equity, you are paid a handsome 20% commission on all sales made through your affiliate web link. That works out to a commission of $120 for each sale of the Star Trading System or a $80 commission for each sale of the Ride The Flow System!

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If those friends decide to sign up as an affiliate marketing partner as well, not only will they also make that same 20% commission on their sales, YOU get to make an additional 5% commission on those sales as well! YES! For every sale made by your friend who signed up as an affiliate partner under you, you make an additional $30 commission for their sale of the Star Trading System or $20 for each sale of the Ride The Flow system! This is a 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing Program!

If in a single month, you referred 10 friends to Masters 'O' Equity, all of them signs up for the Star Trading System course and subsequently signs up as affiliate marketing partners who also refers 10 friends each, lets work the math:

20% Commission on Direct Sale
10 x $120 = $1200

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100 x $30 = $3000

Total Commissions To You
$3000 + $1200 = $4200!!!

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