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2017 Winning Rate


Win Lose Ratio

5.5 : 1
2018 Winning Rate


Win Lose Ratio

4 : 0
Recent Results
26 Jan - SBH 57.5% Loss
18 Jan - DISCA 26.8% Profit
17 Jan - HBI 20.7% Profit
17 Jan - PTEN 51.7% Profit
9 Jan - SM 93.75% Profit
22 Dec - RSPP 19% Profit
20 Dec - QQQ 24.5% Profit
20 Dec - SEDG 30% Profit
15 Dec - TPR 40% Profit
11 Dec - DUST 65.5% Profit
6 Dec - SPY 51.4% Profit
13 Oct - DUST 37.5% Profit
16 Oct - GLNG 23% Loss
6 Oct - QQQ 13.8% Profit
3 Oct - GTN 28% Profit
28 Sep - SIMO 30% Profit

**Individual Results May Vary
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Looking For The Fastest Way To Profit With Us?

Perhaps you are a busy executive who cannot afford to go through our 30-day Star Trading System mentorship program. Maybe you're someone who would rather be "fed the fish" than learn "how to fish". Perhaps you're looking to manage this like a business where every pick purchased produced a profit on capital. Whatever your reason, the Master's Stock Option Pick service is the definitive solution to making money with us instantly.

  • Explosive Short Term Returns...
  • Our Stock Option Pick service is ideal for traders who wish to capture the hottest returns in a short time frame. That is why we buy and sell options in this winning stock option pick service. Inherently, options have very good potential of capturing tremendous profits in a very short to mid-term time allocation. As our stock option pick uses a technical swing trading strategy, it is common for us to close our positions within 5 to 10 days or less with top, sizzling hot returns.

    "WOW, this is amazing... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You have given the common man, a means of trading options successfully! I have recovered more than half of the losses that I have incurred over a year with just 1 week of subscription!"
    --- Dwayne Mayor, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    (Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact Founder for verification. Individual Results May Vary.)

  • Only Specific Elite Trades Given...
  • Unlike other stock pick services that give you dozens, or worse, hundreds of signals every day and leave it up to you to choose the right trades to make, we'll give you the one or two SPECIFIC, ELITE stock option picks per day that you'll trade for explosive profits. There are no guess work involved! PLUS, special picks by our Founder that you will not get from our Star Trading System will also be included!

    "I was very skeptical at first about trying your Masters Daily Stock Options Pick. I followed your lead and in June purchased about $1400 of SNDA. About two weeks later, I sold at $2800 for a very nice $1400 profit. THANK YOU JASON !!! I look forward to many more successful trades."
    --- Barry S., Spokane, WA.
    (Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact Founder for verification. Individual Results May Vary.)

  • How Many Picks A Month?
  • We produce an average of 5 to 7 picks a month under normal market conditions however, when market conditions are not ideal for swing trading, we would keep you out and produce a lot lesser picks.

    "Happy, Blessed New Year 2014. Thank you so much for your guidance. I was telling a friend over lunch today how very grateful I am to you... Thanks a trillion and may you be blessed with much joy, laughter and love.."
    --- Christina Goh, Singapore.
    (Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact Founder for verification. Individual Results May Vary.)

  • Exact Stop Loss & Profit Taking...
  • To avoid human error and emotion, every pick comes with the exact stop loss and profit taking points so that you can completely automated your trading account! Every of our stop loss and profit taking points has been carefully optimized through 12 years of real life trading in order to optimize profits and minimize losses. Market conditions change everyday. That is why each pick will also be followed up with updated daily profit and stop loss points that can be adjusted before market opens!

  • With You Every Step Of The Way...
  • Every pick is followed up on a daily basis with specific comments and recommendations until the position is closed! You are NEVER alone and NEVER left guessing!

    "Your daily stock option picks yields incredible returns! I appreciate the fact that you are very patient with your set-ups. It made my option trading fun again. Thanks a million!"
    --- Ed Leyson, Los Angeles, USA.
    (Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact Founder for verification. Individual Results May Vary.)

  • How Our Service Works...
  • Once you subscribe to our services, you will be sent a daily stock options pick alert email telling you if there is a pick for the day or not. All picks will come with specific, easy-to-understand instructions. These include exactly which stock or option to buy, precisely how to enter the trade, as well as the recommended stop loss and exit points. You are never on your own. We're with you every step of the way!

    Every pick comes with:
    Stock name: The specific stock to buy options on

    Max number of contracts: Liquidity is calculated to ensure you don't end up with a huge position that is hard to sell

    Proportion of your fund to commit: A recommended percentage will be suggested to you in accordance with the assessed market risk

    Where to place your stop loss: There is no guesswork. An objective, automated stop loss point is given so that you need not monitor the market at all

    Profit taking point: Initial profit targets will be given. These targets will be updated daily and revised as necessary

    PLUS, action to be taken on a pick is updated daily in your account before the market opens. This way, you'll be able to take profit immediately upon market opening - right when I do!

    Sample Of Pick...
    Pick Today Is For XYZ To Go UP

    Please buy no more than 30 contracts of XYZ's Jan $50 Call Options with no more than 25% of your fund at the prevailing ask price.

    Please sell the position to stop loss when XYZ's last price is lesser than $40.

    Please sell the position for profit taking when XYZ's last price is greater than $60.

    Subscribers can also choose between recieving bullish picks only (call option picks on stocks expected to go up), bearish picks only (put option picks on stocks expected to go down), or both.

  • IRA Account Friendly...
  • Yes! You can use the Master's Stock Option Picks to trade options with your IRA account as it involves nothing more than simple call and put option buying! No complex spread strategies nor credit spread strategies needed! Only simple call and put option buying and selling to your financial success! Be sure you seek the advise of your local financial advisor before trading with your IRA account. Options involves risk and is not suitable for every investor.

    "Just want to say that I have been using your strategy for the past 2 weeks and it has to be the best strategy I have ever used. I made 325% Last Week! I just bought 3 more picks from you."
    --- Anthony Riccardi, Connecticut, USA.
    (Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact Founder for verification. Individual Results May Vary.)

  • Never Traded Options Before?
  • Never traded options before? No trading account? No option knowledge? No Problem! You will get to learn everything about option trading and be guided on how to open a trading account through our Basic Option Trading Workshop FOR FREE when you sign up for the Master's Stock Options Picks! In fact, you could also trade the stocks itself using our recommendations!

    Only $1 on your first month
    then only $49 per month!

    Frequently Asked Questions Here.

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