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Star Trading System®: Systematic & Objective Swing Trading Methodology for Options Trading
Star Trading System
Recent Performance

9 Jan - QQQ 19.6% Profit
4 Jan - NSAM 30% Profit
12 Dec - QQQ 4.5% Profit
6 Dec - SPY 7% Profit
1 Dec - QQQ 37% Loss
29 Nov - QQQ 15.8% Profit
11 Nov - IMAX 21.7% Profit
**Individual Results May Vary

"Learn Directly From Author of!"
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"Your system has all the elements of an effective money maker, but still simple enough not too complicated for the beginner... Easy on the pocket book for us newbies starting out with limited funds and no training....the Mentoring is a must to succeed doubt about it.... Plus bottom line it works, when one Is patient enough to follow the rules.....I learned that the hard way....first trade... Plus your dedication to continuous improvement and feedback from your students makes it even better..... Real-Time results, Real-People, Real-Mentoring , Its Awesome......!!!"
--- Todd T, Layton, UTAH / USA
(Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact the Founder for verification purposes. Individual Results May Vary.)

What Is The Star Trading System®?
A Total Options Trading Methodology + Software!
Need an extra reliable stream of income for your monthly bills? Wish to learn an extra money making skill you can use for life? Hoping for continued income even in your retirement years? The Star Trading System is designed to give you that extra reliable income you need!
Star Trading System Overview

No Guessing! No Complex Strategies! No Complex Analysis!
Just Pure & Simple Money Making with Options!

This is a completely objective trading method which systematically takes you from a trade's onset to its culmination, daily!

"What Exactly Is A "Trading System"?"

  The Star Trading System is a technical swing trading system which seeks to profit from highly accurate reversal signals. It includes:

  1. High Probability Picks Produced By Software
  2. Option selection using our proprietary procedure
  3. Trade entry using our proprietary entry procedure.
  4. Trade exit using automated profit taking and stop loss.

  This is the perfect aggressive trading system for use in trending markets no matter up or down!

Find Out What Makes The Star Trading System® So Consistent And Profitable!

"I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the course so far. In this type of market most trading systems would have generated a lot of losses due to the volatile neutral market. The Star Trading System provides quality trades with precise selection, entry and exit rules. I am looking forward to completing the rest of my training so I could become a proficient option trader."
--- Vinko Nakich, California, USA
(Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact the Founder for verification purposes. Individual Results May Vary)

 What Do You Get?
 Software + eBook + Mentoring!

Full technical analysis software customized to produce the exact kind of signals that make the heart rocking wins you see on our page above. The software also reacts according to market conditions and produces bullish signals when the market is expected to go up and bearish signals when the market is expected to go down, AUTOMATICALLY! In fact, the signals produced has frequently moved ahead of major market direction changes, putting us ahead of the market!

It can also be used for conducting all forms of short and long term technical analysis on any stocks that you want. You will also be taught the parameters the software use to screen for these signals in the course itself! This is not a black-box system.
Software produced signals must be traded in accordance to a set of winning trading rules and procedure in order to maximise chances of winning. Rules such as how to choose the correct option for a trade, how to enter a position properly and where to stop loss / take profit. All of these and more are designed to optimize the profit/risk profile of the signals produced by the software. This is why nobody can make a consistent profit by trading only software produced signals.

These rules took our founder decades of experience to perfect and would save you at least 5 years of trading losses and help you avoid all the beginner pitfalls that could cost you a fortune.
Finally, no amount of reading can help you avoid making human errors and mistakes in trading. That is why it is important to have a mentor who will hold you by the hand and guide you on your first baby steps in options trading.

Our founder will guide you on all aspects of the Star Trading System personally in 1 to 1 live chat sessions daily and hold your hand in virtual trading and real trading over a structured 1 month cirriculum to ensure your success with the Star Trading System! This mentoring often makes the difference between success and failure!

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"Avoid Beginner Mistakes And Start Profiting From Options Like A Pro!"

 One Month Daily Mentorship Through Email & Live Chat...

 • The Training Program...
  Most importantly, expecting you to master option trading by reading an eBook is simply impossible! That is why our founder will PERSONALLY MENTOR YOU FOR ONE ENTIRE MONTH, touching on every single aspect of the Star Trading System in order to ensure that you master it and become consistently profitable! Below is a week-by-week summary of the progressive training program:

Week 1 : Systematic Screening For Trading Opportunities
Using specific software, you will learn how to screen for profitable trading opportunities systematically and then look for qualified options to trade these opportunities with, all under 10 mins a day!

Week 2 & 3 : Guided Paper Trading
You will be taught how to execute our proprietary entry and exit procedure safely by paper trading in order to build up your trading confidence.

Week 4 : Guided Real Trading
You will now conduct real life trading with limited capital under strict guidance and supervision in order to futher reinforce your trading confidence and mentally prepare for larger outlays!

How Are Classes Conducted?
  Lessons are conducted through Email and SKYPE Text Live Chat DAILY in order to ensure 100% delivery of   the training, clarification of doubts as well as complete mastery of the Star Trading System.

live chat mentoring Daily lesson emails will be sent to you with new training notes and training requirements. You will only have to read, prepare and submit a daily report for my comments so that our founder can point out where you went wrong and teach you more knowledge through those mistakes. There will also be a daily 15 mins 1 to 1 SKYPE text live chat session where you get to ask our founder questions and clarify your doubts DIRECTLY!

Truly, nobody spends as much personal time to ensure your success like we do!

"Thanks a millon also for your excellent guidance. I am really amaze on how effective in your mentoring approach."
--- Kelvin Mah, Malaysia
(Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact the Founder for verification purposes. Individual Results May Vary.)

 What If I Have Never Traded Options Before?

Never Traded Options Before?
  Never traded options before? No Option trading account? No option knowledge? No Problem! The Star Trading System course comes complete with a basic options trading preparation course to teach you all the basics of options trading, opening of trading account and how to use your trading account. Yes, this is a ZERO to HERO training approach. What's more, you don't have to be a resident of USA to open a trading account and start trading options in the US market! We will guide you and teach you how!

  Listen to what some very satisfied investors had to say...

Pauline Ng "I've attended numerous seminars & subscribed lessons on options trading & frankly its nowhere near to what Im getting from this mentorship programme! Like you, I share a passion for options trading & plan to be a full time trader & this programme definitely will help me to achieve this!"
--- Pauline Ng, East Malaysia
(Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact the Founder for verification purposes. Individual Results May Vary.)

Chamnan KM "I initially thought of giving the system a try and then ask for refund **BUT** changed my mind after going thru such enjoyable sessions with Jason plus this great strategy that can truly double my money! Thanks Jason for being a GREAT GURU & SIFU!"
--- Chamnan KM, Thailand
(Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact the Founder for verification purposes. Individual Results May Vary.)

Jeremy Stout "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life. Thank you for teaching me to fish! One of the things I like about your system is you. You aren't just selling books and saying good luck using it. You helped me every step of the way. Another thing I like about it is, now that I have it set up and learned how to use it I spend no more than 30 minutes a day using it. Since I have been trading your system with real money I made 4 trades in a 7 day period all of them winners! My trading account has increased by almost 50%! Needless to say I am pleased."
--- Jeremy Stout, Indiana, USA
(Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact the Founder for verification purposes. Individual Results May Vary.)

 What If I Don't Have Much Time?

 • No Daytrading Needed!
  The Star Trading System is specifically designed to minimise time commitment whilst maximising profitability for any lifestyle, busy or retired. You only need to enter a trade and automate the exit! You need not monitor the market throughout the day at all!

 • Pick The Right Stocks Daily In Less Than 10 Mins!
  Are you spending HOURS EVERY DAY looking through thousands of stocks? Are you going through a heap of research to find "the right stocks", only to end up losing money? With the Star Trading System, less than 10 mins a day is needed to consistently pick the right stocks! Just imagine how much extra time you'll have for other activities!

 What The Star Trading System ISN't...

 • ...Some Scammy Black-box 100% Winning System!
  The Star Trading System is NOT some scammy get-rich-quick black-box system that guarantees wins! There is NO SUCH THING as a 100% win system. Almost all the systems out there guaranteeing 100% wins has turned out to be scams! The Star Trading System is an industry grade professional trading system with all the best trading rules and practises put together to help you produce more wins than losses consistently in order to return a consistent profit. This together with the psychological aspects that you will learn in the course gives you a skill and tool that you can use for life! You will also be taught the logic and criteria that the software uses to select those high probability stocks so that you too can do the same!

 Here's Our Unbeatable, No Time Limit, Full Refund Guarantee!

 • Yes, No Time Limit!
  We are so confident that you will benefit from the Star Trading System training course that we are backing it up NOT with a 30 or 60 days refund guarantee, but the ONE AND ONLY, NO TIME LIMIT Full Refund Guarantee! Yes! There is literally no risk for you, especially if you do not see yourself profiting consistently while paper trading the system!

unlimited guarantee

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Only $266 for 3 Months!

or one time investment of $799 For All Materials and 30 Days
Email + Daily Live Chat Mentoring With the Founder!

+ Lifetime email support!

Frequently Asked Questions

Raymond Hofman "Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you Jason. I've taken your course almost 2 years ago with no prior knowledge of the markets in any way. You have been my first mentor and I appreciate your commitment and you are really a great teacher. I started out struggling but I am getting better results along the way. I just wanted to say thank you and it has been great value for the money invested in this program... Big thumbs up to you and I wish you a great future in trading and teaching."
--- Raymond Hofman, Helvoirt / The Netherlands
(Note: All Testimonies are verifiable. Please contact the Founder for verification purposes. Individual Results May Vary.)

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