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2017 Winning Rate


Win Lose Ratio

5.5 : 1
2018 Winning Rate


Win Lose Ratio

12 : 2
Recent Results
13 Jul - SPY 32.7% Profit
12 Jun - TSG 31.4% Profit
11 Jun - TPX 37.7% Profit
6 Jun - SPY 47.3% Profit
21 May - NBL 23% Profit
15 May - BYD 58.4% Profit
10 May - QQQ 62.6% Profit
18 Apr - QQQ 48% Profit
16 Mar - WPM 100% Loss
26 Jan - SBH 57.5% Loss
18 Jan - DISCA 26.8% Profit
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1 to 1 Online Options Mentoring
Star Trading System
Options Swing Trading

Learn the secret method behind
our winning stock options picks service!
by author of Optiontradingpedia.com

What is the Star Trading System?

"The Star Trading System is an objective and systematic high probability options swing trading methodology. The Star Trading process identifies overall market direction trends and stocks that are likely to move in the market direction using a technical analysis software. Stocks are further qualified by earnings, option and chart pattern criteria providing a fully qualified stock option. Only fully qualified stock options are considered for trade entry. The trade entry process verifies that the stock is still a strong candidate for movement in the overall market direction prior to opening the position. Aligning stock movement direction with overall market movement direction significantly increases the probability of winning trades."
--- Jason NG aka Master J, Creator of the Star Trading System

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Todd "...Your system has all the elements of an effective money maker, but still simple enough not too complicated for the beginner... Easy on the pocket book for us newbies starting out with limited funds and no training....the Mentoring is a must to succeed faster...no doubt about it.... Plus bottom line it works, when one Is patient enough to follow the rules.....I learned that the hard way....first trade... Plus your dedication to continuous improvement and feedback from your students makes it even better..... Real-Time results, Real-People, Real-Mentoring , Its Awesome......!!!"
--- Todd T, Layton, UTAH / USA
Latest Pick Made: $1,505.00on QQQ Nov $189 Put Options on 5 August 2019 (calculated based on 5 contracts!)
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What Is The Star Trading System®?

  The Star Trading System is a technical swing trading system which seeks to profit from highly accurate reversal signals. It includes:
  1. High Probability Picks Produced By Software
  2. Option selection using our proprietary procedure
  3. Trade entry using our proprietary entry procedure.
  4. Trade exit using automated profit taking and stop loss.
What Do You Get?

Scan For High Probability Candidates Using Our Proprietary Parameters!

Full technical analysis software customized to produce the exact kind of signals that make the heart rocking wins you see on our page above. The software also reacts according to market conditions and produces bullish signals when the market is expected to go up and bearish signals when the market is expected to go down, AUTOMATICALLY! In fact, the signals produced has frequently moved ahead of major market direction changes, putting us ahead of the market!

It can also be used for conducting all forms of short and long term technical analysis on any stocks that you want. You will also be taught the parameters the software use to screen for these signals in the course itself! This is not a black-box system.
Time Tested Trading Rules & Procedure To Ensure Success!

Software produced signals must be traded in accordance to a set of winning trading rules and procedure in order to maximise chances of winning. Rules such as how to choose the correct option for a trade, how to enter a position properly and where to stop loss / take profit. All of these and more are designed to optimize the profit/risk profile of the signals produced by the software. This is why nobody can make a consistent profit by trading only software produced signals.

These rules took our founder decades of experience to perfect and would save you at least 5 years of trading losses and help you avoid all the beginner pitfalls that could cost you a fortune.
Personal 1 to 1 Skype Mentoring + Lifetime Email Mentoring to Seal In Your Success!

Finally, no amount of reading can help you avoid making human errors and mistakes in trading. That is why it is important to have a mentor who will hold you by the hand and guide you on your first baby steps in options trading.

Our founder will guide you on all aspects of the Star Trading System personally in 1 to 1 live chat sessions daily and hold your hand in virtual trading and real trading over a structured 1 month cirriculum to ensure your success with the Star Trading System! This mentoring often makes the difference between success and failure!

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"Avoid Beginner Mistakes And Start Profiting From Options Like A Pro!"

One Month Daily Mentorship Through Email & Live Chat...

What You Will Learn...

You will learn the proprietary 9 steps process for producing high probability options swing trading trades in just 10 to 30 mins a day
Step 1: Determine the stage of business / market cycle

Step 2: Determine the Intermediate US market trend

Step 3: Check for any undesirable macro / market events within expected trading period

Step 4: Check for stocks displaying strong technical entry signals conforming to all the above

Step 5: Check for undesirable events on the above stocks within expected trading period

Step 6: Check for options that fits our options greeks criteria for trading within the expected trading period

Step 7: Check for short term market sentiment using our proprietary process to determine entry point

Step 8: Perform our proprietary entry process which will filter out weak performing stocks

Step 9: Candidate/s for the day determined, alert sent.

unlimited guarantee

Option 1: Premium Training Plan

Only $1999 For All Materials and 30 Days
Email + Daily Live Chat Mentoring With our Founder!

Training plan: Daily lesson email + daily assignment and exercise
+ 1 on 1 discussion over Skype with Jason NG, creator of the Star Trading System

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