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By subscribing to any of the services or products under the domain, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the following prior to subscription:

1. Tickers or Company Names mentioned in this service is purely the opinion of Masters 'O' Equity, its founder and analysts. It is not an invitation nor recommendation to buy or sell a particular stock or to participate in the capital markets.

2. Capital Market Investment is not for everyone. Subscribers must obtain professional advise from your local investment advisers prior to taking any action in the capital market.

3. Any action taken in the capital markets to buy or sell any stocks or options  related to the ones mentioned in this service are taken entirely at your own risk. 

4. You know and acknowledge that investing in the capital markets involves risk and you may potentially lose all your capital and agree to indemnify Masters 'O' Equity, its founder, analysts and crew against any and all consequences resulting from the direct or indirect use of the information given in the Master's Stock Options Pick service, Star Trading System or Ride The Flow System in any ways.

5. Masters 'O' Equity does not promise, guarantee or imply verbally or in writing that anything taught through our newsletter, our training course, in any printed material, or displayed on our website will necessarily result in a profit. Past result do not guarantee future performance and any decision you make based on our past results are made on your own risk.

6. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Option trading involves substantial risk. You can lose money trading options. The past results posted on this site are meant to give you a reasonable idea of what you could have made or lost trading by following the Masters 'O' Equity service but are in no way an exact reflection of what you would have made or lost. Therefore, you should not rely on the past trade results posted on this domain as a perfect replication of what your returns or losses would have been by following its services or using its products. Please make sure you read, understand and acknowledge the "Disclaimer For Posted Results" below before proceeding further.

7. Nothing published by Masters 'O' Equity should be considered personalized investment advice. Although the Masters 'O' Equity team may answer your general customer service questions, they are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular investment situation. No communication by the Masters 'O' Equity team to you should be deemed as personalized investment advice. You should consult a qualified investment advisor in your state and country before acting on any of the recommendations made by Masters 'O' Equity, its analysts, products or services.

8. Masters 'O' Equity is NOT a registered investment advisory! The tickers you see in our services are not trade recommendations but are rather tickers that the founder might trade himself for the day. Subscribing to our service or acting on any of our representations is entirely at your own risk! Master 'O' Equity provides training, educational, and market information services through its web site located at or through referral to affiliated websites including "Site"). relies upon the "publisher's exclusion" from the definition of "investment adviser" as provided under Section 202(a)(11) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and corresponding state securities laws. The Site is a bona fide publication of general and regular circulation offering impersonalized investment-related advice to subscribers and/or prospective subscribers (e.g., not tailored to the specific investment needs of current and/or prospective subscribers).

9. Masters 'O' Equity, its founder, analysts and trainees take positions in the recommendations made through the Master's Stock Options Pick service and the conclusions arrived by using the Star Trading System and Ride the Flow System using in their personal trading accounts, company trading accounts as well as managed accounts for clients. Users of the Star Trading System, Ride The Flow System and/or the Master's Stock Options Pick Service should take this fact into consideration.

Disclaimer For Posted Results

1. These results do not necessarily indicate actual trades made by Masters 'O' Equity. Even though an effort have been made to post actual trades made by the Masters 'O' Equity Team, some of the trades were not actually made in real life and will represent only hypothetical results.

2. The results posted are only examples of the kind of trades that are possible. They do not necessarily represent the complete list of trades that are actually made by the Masters 'O' Equity team in the hedge fund and managed accounts that the company manages.

3. Actual results will vary especially with the volatile nature of option prices.

4. Trades represented on any pages of the domain are not necessarily the same as the ones that have been given in the Stock Pick service. They are meant as a representation of the signals that have been produced and qualified under the Star Trading System.

5. No decision to engage the services of Masters 'O' Equity are to be based solely on the results that you see on any pages under the domain. Any decisions made solely based on the results you see are entirely at your own risk and you acknowledge the fact that these results are not registered nor audited.

6. Statistics presented throughout the site are simple summation of the trade representations that you find in They are not adjusted for position sizing nor portfolio management. Actual portfolio performance using the services and products of Masters 'O' Equity will be different from the statistics posted as different proportions of your fund and different filling prices are used.

7. We use automated software to update the statistics that appear in our yahoo, Google and other ads. We attempt to update these statistics at least once per day, but due to technical limitations, it is possible that the statistics in the ad you just clicked may have been out of date. You understand and acknowledge that you should review all our posted results on our site itself for an indication of past performance.

Disclaimer For Refunds

1. All refunds WILL be issued when requested but Masters 'O' Equity retains the right to issue payment on dates in accordance to our accounting policy and requirements.

2. Masters 'O' Equity do not cover incidental transaction costs that might arise in a refund.

3. Clients need to provide the date and method throuh which they purchased any Masters 'O' Equity products via email in order to qualify for refund.

Masters 'O' Equity's Investment Ethics

1. Masters 'O' Equity and its analysts do not solicit, possess nor act on material non public information or otherwise known as insider information. All recommendations and conclusions arrived through our systems and alerts are made using technical analysis of publicly available market data.

Masters 'O' Equity Copyright Warning

1. Masters 'O' Equity is the copyright owner of all text and graphics contained on this website. Copying, publishing or redistributing any material in any way without the written consent of Masters 'O' Equity is strictly prohibited.

2. The information contained in the daily alerts, produced by the Star Trading System and Ride the Flow System are copyright of Masters 'O' Equity and are for your own personal reference. Any attempt to sell or share the information with a third party or to use its information for a commercial purpose without the approval of Masters 'O' Equity constitutes to piracy and legal actions WILL BE TAKEN.

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